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Product Information

What is ProGCC?

ProGCC is a conversion kit made in-house designed to take the ergonomics and form-factor of a Pro Controller and turn it into a highly reliable wired controller experience for competitive-level gameplay. This controller sports 5 separate trigger modes to ensure compatibility with a wide library of classic and modern games.

This project is source-available and the documentation/code is free for hobbyist use - See the github here!


This controller kit is tested with

  • GameCube
  • Wii
  • GameCube to USB adapter for Wii U/Nintendo Switch
  • Mayflash 4 port adapter

Other adapters may work, though your results may vary.

What is the USB port for?

This product uses a USB type C connector to connect to a GameCube controller port. This product will not work with a typical USB port and the controller is not wireless.

We will sell replacement cables on our store at handheldlegend.com

Alternative cables that are compatible:

Controls and Settings

Different modes and settings are accessed by holding down a specific button combination while plugging the controller into the console.

Button Combinations

While plugging in...

  • Hold ZL/L : Leftmost trigger mode
  • Hold ZR/R : Rightmost trigger mode
  • Hold L/R : Default trigger mode
  • Hold ZL/ZR : Full trigger mode
  • Hold - (minus) : Stick calibration mode
  • Hold + and - : Reset to defaults
  • Hold + (plus) : Enable/disable rumble
  • Hold D-Up : Increase stick deadzone
  • Hold D-Down : Decrease stick deadzone
  • Hold B : Enable Smash Ultimate mode
  • Hold Y : Enable/Disable Xbox button layout (ABXY positions changed)

Trigger Modes

On the original GameCube controller, L and R have analog input, meaning you could do a half press or 'light' press.

This kit implements different trigger modes to let you experience the entire library of GameCube titles without any compatibility issues.

  • Leftmost trigger mode: ZL is full L trigger press, L is light trigger press.
  • Rightmost trigger mode: ZR is full R trigger press, R is light trigger press.
  • Default trigger mode: ZL/ZR act as full trigger press, L/R are mapped as 'Z'
  • Full trigger mode: ZL/ZR act as full trigger press, L/R act as light analog press

Smash Ultimate Mode

  • L is mapped to left dpad so it can be re-bound to something else in Smash Ultimate from R being mapped to Z
  • ZL/ZR are mapped as shield presses. It performs both the digital/analog press simultaneously

Stick Calibration Mode

In stick calibration mode, both sticks can be swirled around 5-6 times. Press + (plus) to save the configuration. Controller will connect immediately after saving.

Snapback Module

For controllers experiencing snapback, there is a snapback module built in to the PCB. These are enabled/disabled through soldering. Bridge the connections together for your desired snapback reduction.

We have a separate module which will be for sale around the beginning of Q2 2022 which will allow you to adjust snapback from the battery compartment.


This kit supports LRA rumble motors. The LRA motors found in both Joy Con controllers and Pro Controllers are compatible with this kit. Simply solder the wires to the + and - terminals on each side of the stick board. Hold + or Home while plugging the controller in to enable/disable rumble.

Updated 03 Aug 2022
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