Affiliate Guidelines

When affiliate codes come into play, we want to maintain transparency with customers and any audience to sponsored content.

Whenever possible, affiliates must take the time to disclose affiliation and compensation. You do not need to disclose exact numbers, but you should disclose that you are getting a kickback.

YouTube Video Paid Promotion Box - REQUIRED!

If you're creating a video using product that you've received for free, you must check the 'Paid promotion' box located in YouTube Studio for the video in question. You should similarly tick this box if you are mentioning an affiliate code in your video or content. This is required by law in many countries.

You can find this option under YouTube Studio > Edit the video > Details > Show More > Paid Promotion.

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If it's applicable, please take a moment at the beginning of your videos to disclose that you have received product for free. If you are including an affiliate code or link in the description, you should also disclose that you are compensated for purchases made using the link or code.

Instagram or other social media

Disclosure can be included before your hashtags but after the primary text for any post.

Affiliation disclosure templates

You can use the templates below if you're unsure how to disclose these sorts of affiliations.

Items received for review:

These items I'm reviewing have been sent free of charge from Hand Held Legend.

Affiliate code in description or social media post:

If you're interested in picking one of these up, be sure to use my affiliate code for 5% off your first purchase. I receive a kickback for each purchase made using this code.

Paid items with affiliate code:

You may be in a situation where you've paid for the items you're reviewing, but still want to use your affiliate code. In these situations you benefit from disclosing this to your audience as it helps to maintain trust and transparency.

All items reviewed in this video were purchased with my own money. I do have an affiliate code in the description which gives you 5% off your first purchase. I receive a kickback for each purchase made using this code.


Any questions or concerns regarding our affiliate program can be sent to us directly at support@handheldlegend.com

Updated 20 Jun 2022
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