IPS LCD Dry Test

When you purchase a new IPS or display kit for any device, it is strongly advised that you thoroughly test the display kit for any defects or issues within 30 days of receiving your kit. Installing the IPS kit will void our return policy! Please take care to ensure your kit is working before performing the full install or any soldering. If a product is damaged during shipping, this damage may not be visible until you power on the IPS for the first time. If the kit is installed or soldered, we have no way of knowing when the damage occurred and the return policy will be voided. Click here to see our return policy.

Disclaimer for Game Boy Pocket IPS kits: soldering is required to dry test this kit. Soldering the power wire in this case will not void the return policy.

How to perform a dry test

Fully disassemble your console so you are left with just the main board. These steps will vary depending on which console you are testing.

GBA main board removed
GBA main board removed

Carefully socket the IPS kit ribbon cable to your main board.

Place the main board into the rear shell to allow for insertion of batteries. If you are using an external power supply with alligator clips, you may ignore this step.

GBA dry test success
GBA dry test success

Power on the device and check to ensure the LCD is powering on and displaying a picture correctly.

Power supply demonstration
Power supply demonstration

Carefully inspect the display for any issues. Here are some of the things you should be on the look out for when powering on your LCD:

  • Dead pixels
  • White spots
  • Back-lighting issues
  • Scratches
  • Pressure points
  • Any other small defects.
Dead pixel example
Dead pixel example

Leave the device powered on untouched for 10-20 minutes and ensure the display is still functional. If you experience issues with the display staying on for an extended period of time, this may indicate a power issue with your console. See the troubleshooting steps at the end of this page.

Dry test tutorial video (Game Boy Advance)

Dry test problems and solutions



Display or console shuts off after 5-20 minutes.

Batteries are dead or your main board may need new electrolytic capacitors.

Display or main board becomes too hot to touch.

Power off the device immediately and disconnect any power supply or batteries. This can be caused by a short due to incorrect ribbon cable installation. Double check all connectors for any damage.

No display or display is distorted.

Power off the device and double check all connections are clean and free of any debris.

Display has dead pixels or vertical lines/cracks.

The display was likely damaged somewhere between the end of the production cycle and shipping to you. Reach out to our customer support for assistance.

Updated 15 Jun 2022
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