These links below will take you to the step by step guides for installing and troubleshooting your installation and setup of the Game Boy Color Q5 IPS LCD Kit. 

  • Test the kit before installation! Once the display is mounted it cannot always be safely removed. We ask that you test the kit by hooking it up before removing the screen protector and before fully mounting the display.
  • LCD may break if put under too much pressure or dropped. Please exercise extreme caution when installing.
  • Damage to console or LCD may occur if you do not trim the cartridge port pins. Exercise caution when trimming pins, wear eye protection to protect from pin debris when cutting the metal. Damage caused by these pins are not covered under our return or exchange policy.


  • The On Screen Display (OSD) menu has functions for Brightness, Vertical Position, Horizontal Position, Pixel Effect, Battery Meter, Color Adjust, and Factory Reset.
  • Use the Left touch sensor to change color, (Hold to turn on/off pixel effect)
  • Use the Right touch sensor to change brightness, (Hold to turn on/off Battery display meter)


  • Hold Select and press A + B simultaneously to access the OSD menu.
  • Press A and B to scroll through the menu (A=Up, B=Down).
  • Hold Select and press A to enter a function.
  • Press A or B to set desired level (A=Right, B=Left).
  • Hold Select and press A to save changes.
  • Hold Select and press B to exit.

Install Guide

Screen Alignment Instructions

Brightness Troubleshooting

Shell Trimming Tips

Curious where to trim your shell to create the appropriate viewing window? As a dry fit, backing still on the lens, place it into the shell and hold it up to a light. You can see the areas where the shell will need to be trimmed:

Document image

Updated 20 Jun 2022
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