AGB HISPEEDIDO Drop In IPS Kit Install Guide

This is our install guide for the HISPEEDIDO Drop In IPS Kit Install Guide

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Getting Started

This kit has optional soldering that will allow you to control the brightness through the buttons. This is NOT required and the screen will still work without this.

Required Tools and Parts

  • Tweezers
  • J1 (Japanese Industrial standard) Screwdriver
  • Y1 Tri-point screwdriver

Take Inventory

Ensure you have all the parts included with each kit. See below:

HISPEEDIDO Drop In IPS Kit Includes:

  • IPS Panel
  • IPS Control Panel
  • 2 Flex Cables (One for each console variant)
  • Screen Alignment Pieces
  • Insulating Film
  • Glue For Mounting
  • Optional Button Control Wire x3

Before You Proceed

Installing your IPS kit, bending the ribbon cables, soldering, or applying any adhesives in this kit will void the warranty and return policy. Fully test your kit before proceeding.

Prepare For Dry Testing

Choose your ribbon

Look at the main board to determine which of the included FPC cables you'll need to use. There are 32 pin and 40 pin options.

This console is a 40 pin variant
This console is a 40 pin variant
32 Pin on the left, 40 Pin on the right
32 Pin on the left, 40 Pin on the right

Dry Testing

Connect the ribbon cable for the display to the controller board as shown below. Ensure the cable is fully inserted before closing the connector.

Document image

Once connected fold the screen over and apply some double sided tape to the back of the control board, fixing it to the IPS display.

Secure the board down with double sided tape
Secure the board down with double sided tape

Now connect the appropriate FPC cable for your console as shown below.

Document image

Next connect the other end of that flex cable to the console itself.

Document image

From here we can insert the console into the back half of the shell and dry test.

Document image

Insert batteries and test the screen.

Successful dry test
Successful dry test

Optional Soldering

Soldering Tips

For a general guide to soldering, check out our wiki posting on the subject.

Soldering three wires allows you to control the brightness from the buttons as well.

Document image

Begin by soldering the wires to the control board of the IPS panel

Document image

Then proceed to solder the wires to their indicated point

Document image

From this point, perform one more test to ensure the buttons are working


Once you have ensure the screen as well as the optional buttons work, you can begin reassembling the console. First put the screen alignment pieces into place.

Document image

Ensure the screen sits in the bottom left hand corner of the area, pressing up against the pieces you just put in. Also place the piece of insulating tape across the IPS control board to keep it from shorting out on anything.

Document image

From here you can stick the touch sensors in these areas, you can move them around but these locations will prevent accidental changes, and the possibility of interference.

Document image

Now add the rear shell and screws, completing the console

Completed Reassembly
Completed Reassembly

Updated 11 Jul 2022
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